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Ofrenda NBMA


Vecinos is an ongoing project that explores unique ways to create intimate connections between neighbors (in a global and local sense) through public art projects and story-telling. This July, Mia Pinheiro + Celestina Cardona Billington invite the people of New Bedford, MA to assist them in the making of Ofrenda.

In Mexico ofrendas are traditionally altars to honor important figures.  In Vecinos, the Ofrenda speaks to the concept of neighbors and community the daily necessities, proximity and our shared experience of mortality and desire, integral components of the vast human experience. This symbolic construction will serve as a representation of the the collective poetics of the everyday humans in New Bedford, MA.

We invite the Public to the inauguration of Ofrenda on Thursday, July 11th from 5-9 during AHA Night, where it will be open for public viewing.

Mia Pinheiro is a performance artist + cultural facilitator from the New Bedford MA, currently residing and making work in Mexico City. Celestina is an artist and producer using creativity as a catalyst for community connection and transformation currently living in New York City. 

This event is a collaboration between Mia Pinheiro and Celestina Cardona Billlington during AHA! New Bedford.