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Sore Bones Tour

Vermont based artist Sage Horsey kicks off her first national tour, Sore Bones, with a groundbreaking solo work, 'Laundry' paired with a live performance of her most recent dance film 'Tiny Kingdom'.

'Laundry' explores the subtle intricacies between the sacredness of the everyday and relationships. Heavy undertones of grief and romance are juxtaposed against fluid yet intricate movements. The piece is undeniably drenched in nostalgic tenderness and plays with the boundaries between control and surrender.

'Tiny Kingdom', Sage's newest collaboration with visionary director Kayhl Cooper, returns to the stage. The work was created as a tool to navigate humanity’s relationship to our environment, and the struggle to see oneself as synonymous with nature. 'Tiny Kingdom' transports the audience to another universe; one that gently begs viewers to look inward.

Company: Sage Horsey & Co.

Choreographer: Sage Horsey

Dancers: Chloe Clark, Nicole Stapelton, Sage Horsey